miércoles, 8 de julio de 2009


Boom! Boom!! D'you know what that is? That's the sound of thunder - or so my little lad informed me over the weekend.

How's things? Fine and dandy? Good.

Am in Coventry today. Haven't been here since, ooh 2 months ago. Came to see The Specials, innit?

After a week of glorious weather while we were away it's pissing down. C***'s trick. The Ricoh Arena's mega though. Very tidy. Looking forward to tonight.

My mates "Free Peace" are opening up. Good boys. Top band.

The Enemy are the main band on before us tonight. Kasabian are busy being weird somewhere odd. It's a homer for them. Should be mad as fuck.

Wonder what Bruno will wear tonight? Mr al Fayed's shoes have made their long-awaited re-appearance! Life's been dull without them.

This Mike Jackson thing's dragging on a bit, innit? Who do they think he is, Jade Goody? Listen out for the dedication tonight. There's bound to be one. If it's during Live Forever I may do a little poo-poo..then vomit.

In a bit.