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What’s the story ... ‘moron’ fury

What’s the story ... ‘moron’ fury

NOEL GALLAGHER branded brother LIAM a "f***ing moron" after quitting OASIS for good - then took a swipe at Liam's new fashion label.

Guitarist and songwriter Noel walked out of the band on Friday night after one final nasty backstage fight at the Rock en Seine in Paris.

He told a pal later that night: "They say never work with children and animals. No one mentioned f***ing morons though, did they?"

Quit ... Liam

Quit ... Liam


"I think all that modelling malarkey has gone to his head. It's a pleasure to give him time and space to work on his autumn/winter collection."

Noel headed back to London soon after Friday night's bust-up and has kept his head down at home ever since.

But frontman Liam - who recently started his new clothes label, Pretty Green - has been treating the aftermath as one big holiday. And he's relieved it's all over too.

To see a video of Liam the morning after the break up in Paris, click below.


The singer headed to Lake Como in Italy on Saturday with wife NICOLEAPPLETON, Oasis bass player ANDY BELL and his girlfriend.

Clearly, Andy is taking Liam's side in the split.

Yesterday, Liam and Nicole looked very happy and were kissing and cuddling as they messed about on the water.

'Happy' ... Liam and Nicole

'Happy' ... Liam and Nicole

It's a shame it all had to end this way, but Noel has found the last year on the road with Liam pure hell.

A source told me: "Liam has been drinking heavily for the duration of the tour and regularly got very abusive and personal.

"He has taunted Noel's girlfriend, Sara, other band members and the crew. People have been frightened to go near him.

"He is one very angry man who needs to sort his issues out."

The long-simmering tension came to a head backstage in Paris when Liam - who was unaccompanied - turned up for the show completely drunk.

Taking a break ... Liam and Nicole on boat

Taking a break ... Liam and Nicole on boat

He had taken the Eurostar on his own to Paris and arrived... steaming.

I've heard he'd been on a bender for days since pulling out of the V Festival a week ago.

Noel was disappointed that no one from management or security had the guts to challenge Liam's drinking.

So he confronted Liam about being unprofessional.

But Liam exploded in rage and started saying horrendous things about Noel's kids.

Liam hurled his acoustic guitar at Noel. It was a gift from his missus Nicole and had a personal message on it.

Noel then stamped on the guitar, smashing it into pieces and walked out - never to return.

Maybe that moment will go down in music history as a fitting end, with the band being so driven by the brothers' conflict.

Let's face it. There was never going to be a fairytale ending with this pair walking towards the sunshiiiine together.