lunes, 1 de junio de 2009

Mas de Prettygreen....

Members of the Pretty Green community are able to order from around the world on June 4th on all items will be limited availability and only available until September, so good to get in the order quick.

Delivery in the UK and international will be shipped from around 19th June.

The white with red colourway which Liam is wearing in the new shot on the website is from the exclusive Japanese collection and comes in a really cool limited packaging box.

All items come in bespoke packaging which is colour co-ordinated to the clothes you buy, as expected the clothes are really high quality, stuff that Liam would actually wear - Egyptian cotton and none of the rip off tees you'll be able to get outside the stadium shows....

There is also a new Liam penned song 'Man Of Misery' that will feature in the Brigton video that is launched on Thursday.