lunes, 18 de mayo de 2009

Liam Gallagher Told To Calm Down at Man City Game

All right, calm down mate, I'm only saying how many goals I want them to score...

Here's Liam Gallagher being talked to by a club official about his behaviour during his beloved Manchester City's match against Tottenham on Saturday.

The Oasis star was having some banter with Spurs fans sitting below his private box at White Hart Lane.

But it appears supporters got a little bit narked with his goading and made their feelings known.

A Tottenham source said: "Fans started getting a bit heated so a security official went to have a word with him. It was precautionary. He wasn't chucked out and carried on watching from his box."

City's players clearly didn't see Liam's plea for lots of goals, they lost 2-1.

Fuente: / photo The Sun / gettyimages