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OASIS Ultimate Acoustic Collection (103 tracks - 6 discs)

Presentaciones acústicas.

Disc One: Acoustic at the BBC

Up In The Sky - Liam
Supersonic - Liam
Married With Children - Liam
Live Forever - Liam
Shakermaker - Liam
Sad Song
Talk Tonight
Cast No Shadow - Noel
Wonderwall (1995) - Noel
Stand By Me - Liam
Who Feels Love? - Noel
Sunday Morning Call
Where Did It All Go Wrong?
Songbird - Liam
The Importance of Being Idle
Wonderwall (2005) - Noel
Half The World Away
Don't Look Back In Anger

Disc 2: Acoustic for MTV

Live Forever - MTV Most Wanted - Liam
Whatever - MTV Most Wanted - Liam
Hello - MTV Unplugged - Noel
Some Might Say - MTV Unplugged - Noel
Listen Up - MTV Unplugged - Noel
Live Forever - MTV Unplugged - Noel
The Masterplan - MTV Unplugged - Noel
Don't Look Back In Anger - MTV Unplugged - Noel
Talk Tonight - MTV Unplugged - Noel
Morning Glory - MTV Unplugged - Noel
Round Are Way - MTV Unplugged - Noel
Cast No Shadow - MTV Unplugged - Noel
Whatever - MTV Unplugged - Noel
Wonderwall - MTV Unplugged - Noel
Don't Go Away - MTV Hora Prima - Noel
Help! - MTV Hora Prima - Noel

Disc 3: Sitting In Silence

(It's Good) To Be Free
Talk Tonight
Fade Away
Cast No Shadow
The Importance of Being Idle
Half The World Away
Slide Away
Don't Look Back In Anger
Married With Children
Listen Up
Strawberry Fields Forever
Come On/Let's Go (with Paul Weller)
Thick As Thieves (with Paul Weller)
Don't Go Away - Japan - Noel solo

Disc 4: Various

Whatever - Knebworth - Liam
Cast No Shadow - Knebworth - Liam
Wonderwall - Knebworth - Liam
The Masterplan - Knebworth
Supersonic - Brazilian Radio - Noel
Gas Panic! - Brazilian Radio - Noel
Live Forever - Brazilian Radio - Noel
Songbird - UK Radio Aid - Liam
Wonderwall - UK Radio Aid - Liam
The Meaning of Soul - 3FM - Liam
Guess God Thinks I'm Abel - 3FM - Liam
One Way Road - Toronto (Noel, Andy, Gem) - Noel
The Importance of Being Idle - Toronto (Noel, Andy, Gem) - Noel
Live Forever - Toronto (Noel, Andy, Gem) - Noel
Talk Tonight (Noel, Weller)
Shadow Of The Sun (Noel, Weller)
One Way Road (Noel, Weller, Gem)
The Butterfly Collector (Noel, Weller, Gem)
Step On My Old Size Nines (Noel, Weller, Kelly Jones, Gem)
Traffic (Noel, Weller, Kelly Jones, Gem)
Songbird (all above and Liam)

Disc 5: Various

Life In Vain - Liam
Digsy's Dinner - Liam
Whatever - Liam
Slide Away - Liam
Take Me Away
D'Yer Wanna Be A Spaceman?
Shakermaker - Noel
You've Got To Hide Your Love Away
Fade Away - Noel
It's Better People
Underneath The Sky - Noel
Stand By Me - Noel
D'You Know What I Mean? - Noel
Stay Young - Noel
Angel Child
Magic Pie
Setting Sun/Fade In-Out - Noel

Disc 6: Various

Some Might Say - Noel
To Be Someone
Slide Away - Noel
Rock 'n' Roll Star - Noel
Little James - Liam
Songbird - Full band TOTP - Liam
Whatever - Noel
The Masterplan - Noel
Bittersweet Symphony
(You've Got) The Heart Of A Star
Stop Crying Your Heart Out - Noel
Married With Children - Noel
Thank You For The Good Times - Andy
Let There Be Love - Noel


Anónimo said...

Hey Guys, thank you VERY much for this AWFUL acoustic Bootleg-collection. But Disc 2: Acoustic for MTV isn't on rapidshare any more. Could you re-upload it please? Thanks and Greetings from Germany.

Oasis for ever!

Anónimo said...

Thanks for sharing!!!


The Badge said...

PLease reup #2! Thanks.

Anónimo said...

Disc 2: Acoustic for MTV